Our story


It was always a real hassle to find affordable but premium quality food. We’d end up in the same mediocre places, eating junk or – worse – tasteless ‘health’ food. Meals felt dreary and routine, nothing like the escape we craved. So over lunch one day in our hometown, Milan, we imagined another way: our favourite Italian comfort food, ordered in two taps, cooked with the best artisan produce by a Michelin-star chef, delivered at the perfect temperature in custom-made glassware, presented by an elegant Italian on a Vespa, all for the price of a regular takeaway. 

And a year later, GODO was born. Ambitious? Sure. It has taken us more than a year working with a team of experts to perfect the food, materials and technology we need to make this a reality. But if you only have 15 minutes to eat, as we did for so many years, we want GODO to make those the best 15 minutes of your day.Buon appetito!

GODO Co-Founders