Food for Thought AIPF

Salina, what great childhood memories I carry with me from this tiny Sicilian Island... Be it its colors, perfumes and tastes; nothing is left aside and all have a meaning and memory. It was only last summer, after many years, I was back meeting my dearest friend Martina Caruso, whom today is head chef of the Michelin-starred restaurant at the Hotel Signum in Salina becoming one of the youngest Italian Michelin-starred chefs in the world.

Overlooking the horizon from the restaurant’s unique terrace, Martina mentioned the AIPF (Aeolian Islands Preservation Fund) for the first time; an initiative started by friends of the Aeolian Islands, who want to give this fragile ecosystem the protection it deserves. It’s only then that I started thinking about a way we could seal together our passion for Italian cuisine in a special GODO menu which would fundraise for the AIPF. 

Martina’s work ethic which sticks to preparing incredible meals using only local and sustainable ingredients helped her in maintaining strong links with tradition, even though her cooking is very innovative. This also helped in realizing that a collaboration with our Executive Chef Tommaso Arrigoni would be a great opportunity for GODO to help the environment and today, I couldn’t be prouder of seeing this project finally realized in our latest menu addition...

…GODO goes Aeolian is a special menu based on the union of exclusively hand-selected ingredients from the islands of Northern Sicily, with a good supporting cause as 10% of all sales will be donated to this fund.

Great food that supports sustainable produce for generations to come? Sounds like a great excuse for a dinner party to me. Click through to see what you’ll be eating on this first collaboration.




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