To create world-class Italian food, you need a world-class Italian chef. Tommaso Arrigoni joins us from Innocenti Evasioni, in Milan, where he was awarded a Michelin Star in 2008. Tommaso and his culinary team are uncompromising guardians of our food quality: GODO shares its suppliers with London’s top Michelin-star restaurants, and the team spent a year before launch adapting traditional Italian recipes using state-of-the-art cooking methods to preserve the taste and freshness during delivery.

About Chef Tommaso Arrigoni

Michelin-star Chef Tommaso Arrigoni is head chef Innocenti Evasioni in Milan where he began his journey in search of taste, ambiance, and high quality. In addition to his restaurant success, Tommaso teaches at the prestigious school of cookery, Incontri con lo Chef, has appeared as a resident chef on National Italian television, published a book, ‘Dressed, 30 ricette d’autore vestite con stile,’ and writes recipes for the International monthly magazine, La Cucina Italiana (Italian Cooking).

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