food that delivers emotions

Serve what you believe in—with only the freshest natural ingredients.

you order

Check if we deliver to your part of town, then choose from our dishes on our seasonal menu, and send the order to our kitchen.

we cook

The magic happens in our state-of-the-art kitchen, where artisanal Italian ingredients are prepared with precision and care.

you enjoy

Thanks to our high-tech cooking techniques and packaging, the taste, texture and temperature of your food will be the same as when it left the kitchen.

our suppliers

GODO uses only the finest Italian produce, hand-selected from small suppliers and businesses who can be found within the regions that each of the Italian dishes originate from. Its pasta is provided by one of the most reputable producers in Italy, Pastificio dei Campi – one of the only producers in Italy that controls its own wheat crop. This means that GODO is supplied with their own rare hard wheat, resulting in higher nutrients, more intense colour and unrivalled quality. The pasta comes from the ‘magic hill’ of Gragnano, near Naples, where the climate is at its best for producing and drying pasta.

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